The time of year is upon us when we dream of all things turtle!  We were fortunate enough around this time last year to be involved in a very minor way with the ‘Turtle Watch’.  It left a lasting impression on us. Some very dedicated people are giving their precious time to help the endangered turtles to gain a foothold on Life’s door, and a very tenuous foothold at that!  It is estimated that only one in a thousand baby turtles survive to mating age, and that does not take into consideration those that do not make it to the sea after hatching.


We humans do everything in our power to make their tough life even tougher, from trapping for “gourmet” meals, to death by boat, or to death by refuse.  A plastic shopping bag is easily mistaken for a jellyfish, and once ingested is lethal to the turtle.  Fishing lines, abandoned nets, rope, etc. all contribute to the death of far too many turtles.  How many of us walk sublimely by discarded refuse on the beach without bothering to bend over and pick it up to dispose of it in a proper manner?  We all contribute to this reckless disregard for nature, whether it detrimentally affects turtles, or some creature other than humans.  What little we do that is positive can make a great deal of difference to these creatures’ chances of survival.

With this in mind, this year we have volunteered for the Turtle Watch.  Our first day on ‘duty’ was today, and we were asked to patrol the beach in the wee hours of the morning to look for signs of nesting attempts.  We were fortunate enough to locate one attempt, although no eggs were laid.  Over the next month or so, eggs will be laid, and once located, protected to the best of the Turtle Watch’s  ability, and hopefully we can have some hatchlings return to our beach in the future as adults to pass on their wonderful legacy to a future generation of humans, who will hopefully appreciate these wonderful creatures.

Written by : www.experienceourparadise.com/turtle-watch


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