Ahh! Friday morning. Up as the last bats flit their way to roost, and the early birds begin to stir and twitter in the brush on the hillside. Mist lies lazily in the valley, waiting for the sun to lift it up to the limitless blue skies. The early farmers make their way to fill the water tanks in the back of their pickups to take to their goats. It is still too early for the cicada chorus, and the last of the crickets finish their night-time serenades, so a beautiful calm descends over the valley as the first golden-pink rays of the sun touch the parched hillsides.

Time to head to the beach for the turtle patrol. I start at the west end of Pissouri Bay, past the hotel and resort and up against the white cliffs of Cape Aspro. It is a truly lovely morning, with no-one in sight or sound, only the sound of the small high-tide waves breaking on the beach, then retreating and dragging the melodic pebbles back with them. There are no signs of turtle activities at this end of the beach, so I make my way slowly past the resort with its one confirmed turtle nest lodged amongst the umbrellas and loungers.


Further along the beach I see turtle tracks leading up to the loungers at Chris Watersport. A closer inspection shows she circled amongst the loungers, thought better of it, and returned to the sea without attempting to nest. I continue past the groups of loungers spread along the beach, waiting for the tourists to arrive, empty but expectant. I gather small bits and pieces of rubbish as I go, empty plastic water bottles, empty beverage cans, and discarded childrens’ toys for disposal. I can only wonder as to why someone would litter a beach so beautiful!


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