The trip over was grueling, eventful in the beginning as well as on the return. My first attempt to fly out was thawed because my US passport was only valid for 2 months and 28 days – found out at the airport booking station at 3.30 am that you cannot travel to an international destination without a valid 3 months passport – I was two days short. Not impressed with not being told this information prior to departure, I called David from the airport to let him know, then off back home and bed. Arrived at work the following day to very surprised co-workers and boss – love it when people do that “double take face” look. Managed to get an emergency passport within 7 days, flight rebooked in October, and back to the airport the following week, yup, at 3.30 am – this time no issues. It was a long set of flights, several layovers, screaming kids and almost missed the connection in Paris due to renovations to the international terminals – airport stuff – not friendly or helpful at all!

My first opinion of Cyprus was the color, the arid countryside – reminded me a lot of parts of Botswana. After coming from Anchorage, Alaska the contrast was completely opposite. The smell was different too – can’t explain the smell – drier and a little salty. When we arrived home, I was dumbfounded by the beauty of the valley and bay, the water turquoise in the shelter of the bay and deep blue past the point – stunning! It was on the beach of Pissouri one evening David proposed and I excepted.

During my vacation, David and I did many of the tourist attractions (we will share these in our blog and FB). It was a wonderful vacation – so much to see and do in Cyprus and we didn’t even scratch the surface. The adventures I enjoyed the most were the hidden away places, churches, tavernas, beaches and the wonderful hospitable Cypriot people – everywhere we went we met and made new friends.

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