Another of David and my passions is gardening. You may ask, “how does your garden grow?” in Cyprus, what with the cold and high rainfall in the winter, then to total contrast of the windy and dry Spring, the suffocating humidity of Summer, and crisp warm early Fall.

Having arrived in Cyprus, notably Pissouri, in March, which is the start of spring, I was thrilled to see Nature’s amazing array of color popping up everywhere. By April and May the valleys, hills, homes and tourist establishments were awash is the most brilliant colors. Almond and fruits trees were ablaze in blossoms of white, pale pink, dashes are reds and yellow, the Judas tree, royally dressed in deep purple, violet and amethyst, jacarandas beginning to show off huge clusters of lilac and periwinkle blooms. Herb bushes and plants so lush, green splattered with tiny, pretty white, blue and purple flowers. Bougainvilleas of the deepest reds, others of purple, pink, white, yellow and my favorite, orange! I had no idea there are so many different shades of reds.


Whether we traveled to the mountains, valleys, cities or coast line there was color. The Cypriot people appear to love flowers. It can be several potted plants at front or back doors, flowers on balconies, patios, in hanging baskets as well as lovingly arranged in their garden.

Last April, we went for a drive to Avdimou village, (in the Limassol District).  It was my birthday. As we approached the village, we rounded a bend and on the corner was the most spectacular burst of color. To say it was unexpected would definitely be an understatement, inconceivable is more like it. Flowers crept over the pavement into the street, clay potted plants dotted along the front of the home, a wrought iron merry-go-round suspended hanging baskets, a wrought iron arch braced large roses of crimson, cerise, magenta, salmon and blush pinks, with burnt orange, yellow and white rose plants in pots. Ancient bricks and stone from ruins decorated this display of organic color.


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