Great interest is being shown by Chinese investors in the property sector in Cyprus, as it was revealed by the results of the international property exhibition held from the 11th till the 13th of September in Shanghai, which is the largest city and port of China and is considered as one of the most important financial centers.


At the 10th Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition 2015 held at the Shanghai International Convention Center, where around 30,000 visitors were expected, the only real estate agency in Cyprus which showed an interest to go to the heart of China and to participate with its own stand at the exhibition - despite the meager aid/sponsorship that is given by the Ministry of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism for such attendances - was the company Vilanos Real Estate Agents.


On the sidelines of the exhibition, real estate consultant Alekos Vilanos held contacts in Shanghai, during which it was once again reaffirmed that Cyprus remains a reliable business hub because of its strategic position in the Mediterranean, with quality services and an ideal location, mainly in Limassol Province, for investment.


The exhibition, which was held in a beautiful and pleasant environment, was attended by 110 exhibitors selling property from 23 countries, including the USA, England, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Germany, Belgium, and Greece. Notably almost all the countries that took part in the exhibition, received an important subsidy from their Governments, whereas in Turkey, the Government sponsored 80% of the cost of participation in the exhibition, according to information the company had.


According to Mr. Vilanos, everyone who passed from the Cyprus Pavilion showed particular interest, sending, at the same time, encouraging signs for the real estate sector on the island. At the same time, some expressed a desire to visit Cyprus soon.


Vilanos Real Estate Company Agents have the experience and knowledge in the field of real estate


The representatives of Vilanos Real Estate Agents advised visitors at their kiosk on the services provided by the company. The visitors showed interest in small houses and apartments of two and three bedrooms, as well as for large investments in real estate.


In addition, the visitors of the exhibition were informed about both programs offered by our country, regarding the granting of permanent residence to nationals of third countries, in cases of specific conditions being fulfilled concerning investment-economic and qualitative criteria, and the "Plan for the exceptional naturalization of non-Cypriot investors/entrepreneurs".


The experienced team of Vilano Real Estate Agents, having the knowledge and knowing well what prompts the Chinese market in Cyprus, impressed visitors by giving excellent service and  information to the visitors in the Pavilion and is already preparing to welcome to Cyprus Chinese persons interested in investments on the island.




China is an important economic partner and the Government, relevant ministries and agencies, should find solutions in order to facilitate investments by China in Cyprus. One way is to expedite the procedures for granting visas to Chinese citizens in Cyprus. Our company believes that an important milestone in strengthening and developing the relations between Cyprus and China in the financial, tourism and investment sector, as well as in finding solutions that will pave the way for China's investment in Cyprus, will be the official visit of President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades to China - whose photo adorned the 10th Over side international property exhibition Shanghai - next month, accompanied by shipping operators.

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