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CHRISTO MUSIC (Entertainer)
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Christo is a UK born, Cypriot singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist who has spent many years of his life travelling to different corners of the world. His music is a result of his experiences whilst travelling, as can be heard on his first track, "I am not Spanish".You can almost guarantee that the first question a fellow backpacker will ask you, even before he or she has learnt your name is "Where are you from?". I'd often ask people to guess and they would say stuff like, 'Italy?' and 'Spain?' but never did anyone actually guess Cyprus.Cleverly, Christo has managed to create a politcal and meaningful song with a humerous twist to it.Christo recently returned to Cyprus with an aim to build his musical career there, following spells in Australia, Thailand and Germany amongst other countries.'I feel huge sentimental attachments towards the UK and Cyprus but having travelled for so many years, my absence from both countries helped me determine where I wanted to spend the rest of my life, although I wouldn't be surprised if I decided that I wanted to leave again next year for more exotic shores!'Talking about his passion for travelling, Christo explained that it was in a town called Pai in Thailand where he found his spiritual home.'I was just sitting around a fire at the Bamboo Bar in Pai, playing guitar and singing when a man who introduced himself as "Mr Nong" asked me to play at his bar the following night. I went along and played a solo set which went down very well and then I jammed with the house band. The talent and energy between us was amazing! I had spent years in the UK jamming with various people but the chemistry never felt right and then I randomly got on stage with a band that didn't even know what songs I could play but we still managed to play them and we were electric!'Christo spent a total of five months in Pai, playing every night with the house band at Lun Laa Bar.Christo continued his travels in Australia where he played just about anywhere he could to earn the money to continue travelling. He busked in the streets, played in restaurants, bars and clubs whilst at the same time, he got to enjoy travelling the amazing country that is Australia. Upon his return to Europe, Christo bought a camper van with the aim of travelling the Alps. His van broke down as soon as he had crossed the ferry to France and the little money he took with him was spent on fixing his van and as winter was quickly setting in, Christo travelled to Berlin where he felt would be a good place to earn the money to continue his journey.'Of course, there were times I felt like giving up and going home but I was so determined to see the Alps! Often whilst busking, the water in my bottle would form ice cubes, it was that cold!'But Christo persevered with his quest and by the following summer, he made it to southern Bavaria where he started his Alpine journey.'I found the German people to be very generous, indeed. Many people can judge street musicians in the worst possible way but I never felt that in Germany'.He cut through the Austrian Alps and arrived in Trento, Italy that same day. The journey continued west towards France, passed lake Garda and Mont Blanc. Upon arrival in Morzine, Christo had an emotional moment to himself and reflected on what he had achieved over the passed few years and it was then that Christo decided it was time to record his album and settle down in Cyprus.'I love it here. It feels like I have finally come home after being absent for seventeen years.'



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