Cyherbia Herb Gardens [EDIT]
Cyherbia Herb Gardens
Address: From Nicosia/Larnaca, take highway Ayia Napa-Paralimni, take exit 63 Ormidia/ Avgorou by the overhead bridge. Pass Ormidia stadium into the village going right towards the centre. At T-junction where the cafes are turn right, then left, follow signs Avgorou. Pass water reservoirs, another 5 km towards Avgorou you’ll pass Zorbas weddings hall (sign is only in greek ΖΟΡΠΑΣ). 300 m. after Zorbas turn right onto the stone road leading to the herb garden after 1 km.

From the Paralimni—Ayia Napa areas, head for the village of Frenaros, taking the road to Liopetri. Just out of Frenaros take the right turn to Avgorou. Head into the village keeping the cemetery on your left, turn left at the main street junction. Follow this road through the center of the village towards Ormidia. As you leave Avgorou, take the white stone road on the left after the second speed bump.
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At CyHerbia – Organic Herbs of Cyprus we know that herbs are good for you.

We would love to inform you personally about the use of herbs in everyday life, so feel free to ask!

At CyHerbia you can let sight and smell take you into the wonderful world of herbs in their natural environment.

Enjoy a cup of herbal tea especially brewed for you, custom-made to meet your needs.

We have a selection of pure essential oils of the highest quality, potpourri which will make your house smell just like our garden, and of course dried herbs which can be used as tea and in cooking.
As each herb has medicinal properties, you can choose the herbs that suit your individual needs.

There is nothing new about the use of herbs to promote recovery, health and wellbeing.

Around 80% of the earth’s population use herbs as medicine for various health problems.

Herbal medicine forms the foundation of every traditional medical method around the world. Even now, pharmaceutical companies are always researching medical properties of herbs, and they are extensively used in modern medicine.

Studies have indicated that generally they have fewer side effects and many are as effective as chemical medicine. (source World Health Organization)

In the Mediterranean in ancient times herbs were used both as food and as medicine.

2500 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, wrote: If people ate correctly and ate well there would not be any illnesses!

Although this is not entirely true, there are also spiritual causes for illness, what he was saying in effect was, that prevention is better than cure. He knew that the appropriate diet could not only prevent but also cure certain diseases.

The diet Hippocrates wrote about is now known as the Mediterranean diet.

Cyprus has a rich tradition of herbal medicine, first and foremost as prevention, and also as cure.

Until the last century, heart diseases and cancer were almost unknown on the island.

In the first century AD, Pliny the Elder, the famous Roman historian and scientist, wrote:

The warm climate and the soil on the island are ideal to grow the best quality herbs.


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